Acceptance Criteria

An exhaustive list of acceptance criteria cannot be provided, however the following represent the most common reasons for exclusion. In order to protect the safety of the cord blood recipient, strict guidelines must be followed in accordance with Health Canada and FACT regulations, applicable laws and standards.  Please ensure that you have reviewed the following criteria prior to submitting a registration package.

Both Mother and Father must complete all forms. Privacy is protected.

Exclusionary Criteria includes, but is not limited to:

Birth Parents must not

  • be a known carrier of genetic diseases or disorders or (in some cases) have a family history of genetic diseases or disorders
  • have a first-degree family member with a neurological condition
  • have a personal or family history of hematologic malignancy or melanoma. Other incidence of cancer will be reviewed on an individual basis
  • have travelled to a malarial-endemic area within the last 12 months
  • have travelled within the last 2 months (mother) or 6 months (father) to an area with a history of Zika
  • have travelled to high-risk areas in Africa (Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Gabon, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Zambia)
  • have tested positive for HIV or be a Hepatitis B or C carrier
  • have engaged in non-medicinal drug use
  • have lived in Europe or United Kingdom between 1980—1996
  • have spent > 6 months in South America or Mexico
  • used an ovum/sperm donor, adoption, or surrogacy for this child’s conception or birth
  • have had a tattoo or piercing in last 12 months
  • have had treatment for sexually transmissible disease in last 12 months

The following considerations will be reviewed:  

  • Birth mothers must be > 18 years of age
  • Must register before the 34th week of pregnancy
  • Must deliver after 34 weeks gestation
  • Singleton birth – no twins/ triplets can be accepted

Mother must deliver at one of the participating hospitals*:

Humber River Hospital- Wilson Site  
North York General Hospital  
Southlake Regional Health Centre  
St. Joseph’s Health Centre – Toronto  
St. Michael’s Hospital – Toronto  
William Osler Health Centre Etobicoke General Site  
Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital –  Mackenzie Health  
Markham Stouffville Hospital  
Michael Garron Hospital  

Parents do not pay any fees for their participation in the public bank program.


  • Parents relinquish all ownership and rights to the cord blood.
  • Not all donated cord blood samples will be stored.  Usually less than 20% are stored for medical use; all others are directed toward scientific research projects.  (World-wide statistics)
  • Only samples with a high potential for being released for medical treatment are stored. These include samples with high numbers of cells, no bacterial or viral infection, and no labeling errors.
  • Parents must understand that in most cases the cord blood will not be available to them in the future.
  • Parents cannot choose to donate and store privately for one birth. There is only enough cord blood to do one or the other.

If parents are not eligible for the program, they may want to investigate the other cord blood banking options. Click Here

* Hospitals serviced by our bedside pickup service

**All other locations: Shipping costs prohibit us from accepting samples from other locations at this time.  Our valuable charitable funds will be focused on collecting and processing samples rather than paying courier costs.