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Victoria Angel Registry of Hope *We would like to serve all Canadians however shipping costs limit our service area.  We have chosen to use our charitable funds to accept and store as many donated cord blood samples as possible rather than using funds to pay for courier costs.We are more than willing to service interested communities or hospitals that are able to provide the necessary funds to cover courier costs. Victoria Angel started as a non-profit public cord blood bank in 2005 as a philanthropic division of a family bank, Cells for Life, in Toronto.  It received charitable status in 2011 and is now an independent public cord blood program.  It receives no government funding.  To date, it has provided almost 2,000 collection kits to expectant parents.  The program is ramping up operations as charitable donations are received.Victoria Angel capitalizes on the existing infrastructure and expertise already in place by using the services of Cells for Life’s FACT/AABB accredited cord blood laboratory at Toronto General Hospital.

Victoria Angel’s program is AABB accredited and has passed rigorous inspection by Health Canada.  Victoria Angel plans to complete FACT accreditation in 2013.

Sample information is listed internationally on the BMDW registry to give transplant physicians easy access to the inventory of samples.

Victoria Angel’s program can accept expectant parents who deliver at 33 hospitals in Toronto and surrounding cities.

Héma-Québec This program has been funded by the Quebec provincial government since 2005. It currently has an inventory of approximately 7,000 HLA-typed samples. Thousands of samples have been dedicated to research projects over the years.The program has been inspected by Health Canada and is FACT accredited.Sample information is listed internationally on the BMDW registry to give transplant physicians easy access to the inventory of samples.

This program is available to parents who give birth at selected hospitals in Montreal and Quebec City – Contact Héma-Québec website directly for more information



2011: The Canadian provincial and territorial governments (except Quebec) announced the following:

  • The governments will provide a combined investment of $48 million over the next 8 years including $12.5 million of fundraising to create a national public cord blood bank that will provide Canada patients with greater access to cord blood units.
  • The goal is to store 20,000 samples. This will take many years to accomplish.
  • The plan is:
  • Between 2011 – 2013, a cord blood laboratory will be built in Ottawa and CBS will establish procedures to achieve a national cord blood bank system. Cord blood collection will start in one Ottawa hospital in the fall of 2013.
  • A second cord blood laboratory will be built in Edmonton in 2014.
  • Operations will then expand to include one hospital in each of the following cities: Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.  A second hospital may be added in Toronto in the future.