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Financial Donations are esssential to helping patients with blood cancers, thalassemia, TaySachs, Sickle Cell anemia and 80 other diseases.

Cancer is a scary word.  Add 2 words in front of it, and it is scarier yet – You have cancer.  Scariest of all is when 3 words are added in front of it:  Your daughter has cancer.  Your son has cancer.  Blood cancer commonly affects children between 2 and 6 and young adults between 19 and 35 years of age.  For some, chemotherapy and radiation treatment will eradicate the cancerous cells in the bone marrow. For others, however, a stem cell transplant is required to replace the damaged bone marrow.

Timing is critical – we cannot live with out bone marrow to make our blood cells and our immune system.  A bone marrow stem cell transplant can be accomplished by finding a 100% matching bone marrow donor.  Another common solution is accessing a suitable frozen stem cell unit obtained from a baby’s umbilical cord.  The stem cells are less developed and therefore are more adaptable.  Cord blood only requires a 66% match so it is valuable for people with mixed ethnic backgrounds and rare tissue types.

Victoria Angel Registry of Hope can help save lives.  Over 1,000 Canadians are searching for a stem cell transplant at this time.  Not all will find the match they need.  Sarah Watkin, a Thornhill girl with leukemia, her doctors and family desperately searched for  a matching bone marrow or cord blood donor to help her.  Unfortunately, one could not be found.  Sarah passed away in November 2014 at the age of 7.

Your gift will make a difference! Victoria Angel Registry of Hope gives help and hope to thousands of people in need of a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Our charity collects donated umbilical cord blood immediately after a baby is born. We then provide the lifesaving stem cells to scientists, physicians, and patients in need.

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