Donate Gifts in Kind

Donors are welcome to make a “Gift in Kind” donation of property or a tangible item to Victoria Angel. An example may be a piece of jewelry for a fundraising event.

In these cases we must obtain an appraisal from a qualified person to determine the gift’s fair market value.  Victoria Angel will issue a charitable receipt for the appraised value*.  In addition, the receipt will show (a) a description of the property; (b) the date the gift was made; (c) the name and address of the appraiser.

Services are not eligible to receive tax receipts for income tax purposes.  However, companies can still benefit from donating services since the cost of the services can be included in the company’s expenses on the financial statements.

To make a Gift in Kind donation, please call 905-201-3398 or  click here.

To make a Gift in Kind donation, please call 905-201-3398 or click here. – click here must connect to Please contact Garrah Parkes, Fundraising Coordinator directly by email: or by phone: 905-201-3398 for further further fundraising or event information.

*NOTE: There are some exceptions that will be discussed upon donation. Example:  If individual donors acquired the donated item within 3 years of making the donation to Victoria Angel, the tax receipt will be issued for the original cost of the item rather than the appraised value. This does not pertain to items: (a) donated from an inventory of a business, (b) made by bequest; (c) a gift of land/buildings located in Canada, (d) publicly traded security or (e) gifts of ecological or certified cultural property.